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Women press is a wonderful source of tips, for clothing, beauty and body. At petite chipie we just love them. There are so many information in women press that it is quite difficult to remember all the great tips they provide. So petite chipie and friends record them for you on this blog.

Women press, so do you have no time to review women press or remember all these women articles you wish you had kept, the real valuable ones, lost due to the amount of women press you read…petite chipie and friends record the useful information available, a go to point of reference. This week in women press, there are fabulous information on how to get slim:

– In ES Magazine of Friday 6th January 2012, a simple yet useful reminder on how having super glutes! Again the donkey kick is recognized as the best weapon to have nice glutes. On all fours, abs braced, kick one leg up in the (knee bent at 90 degrees throughout) Aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each side, and make sure your hips don’t twist round as you kick. For more information on how getting a fabulous bottom go to this page.

– In Harper’s Bazaar, January 2012, The body Blitz, a great article to at last meet your body goals. I have noted the greatest tips, the first on how to loose weight without starving, no diet but a new way of life, thanks to the bodyism see my page bodyism-eat-smart-get-slim, the second a secret weapon to help cut craving the Full fast Appetite Control Spray, see the page weight-loss tips.

Women press is just fabulous, and quite expensive. It all adds up so why not to benefit from petite chipie and her friends sharing on this blog. Please also share with us your findings, so we can can all enjoy the best products on the market.

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