Why shoes matter

Elegant Christine Lagarde

The Financial Times published a great article about Christine Lagarde, no politics here, regardless of my opinion about her, this article is interesting because the journalist made a very bold approach, as she started her article about Christine’s navy low-heeled court shoes. So, why starting her article with Christine’s shoes? Because, as I explain in my page here , shoes are what most people will look first when you meet them, they influence other people’s perceptions of you: elegant, smart, cool, sexy … The first impressions happen only once and are almost irreversible. So, ask yourself this simple question, what kind of first impression do I want to make? If you want to appear elegant, then your shoes have to be elegant, well finished, in fact with a noticeable quality. My advise invest in good quality shoes that will last, with an timeless shape you love. It is important to be comfortable, so you look at ease and self-confident in any occasion.

Now, back to Christine, her navy low-heeled court shoes symbolize self-confidence. Self confidence because wearing low-leeled shoes is also making a statement of equality with men. I am a woman, and I stand for myself, I don’t have to sale my feminity. It is in total opposition with the aggressive and sexy “business women” wearing vertiginous stilleto, …in my opinion and this article demonstrates it, being feminine, and especially at work doesn’t mean being sexy. To my point of view, wanting to be sexy at work would mean I am a woman love me, look at me, rather than I am a woman, this is a fact, but regardless I am here for are my competencies and yes being a women implies a having different approach. Just have a look here

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