Walking to work, wearing flats

Walking to work, wearing flats. To walk don’t compromise and just wear trainers, they are now wonderful to help shaping your body. So what are the best shoes.

Walking to work, wearing flats. Yes! Although we love our heals, they are not sensible for a walk. Since We now walk to the station, let’s not compromise and just wear trainers or flats.  Why not just  claim “I walk and I am self-confidence, and making a statement of equality with men, I do not need heels to please you. Remember why shoes matter

Chipie and her friends have chosen REEBOK Easytone , and yes we can feel they work on our bottom, legs and posture. When wearing with we feel like we fly, with our heels we cannot walk quickly without pain. With trainers or flats, it is very easy to walk, American women understood that years ago and you can see many of them walking in flat shoes or trainers in New York. Another bonus, when you arrive at work and put on your smart shoes on, you feel so light and tall!!! a dream…

Another pair of trainers to try is the New MBT Kamba Womens Fitness Shoes. Many of my friends adopted them years ago and they love them. Now they are far less bulky and they look great.

Walking is a wonderful activity to shape your body, it helps your circulation and therefore it is great for your legs. My friends who regularly walk have fabulous legs, and it is quite fun to go for a long walk with them. It is also good to walk after lunch or diner, as it helps your digestion.

So chipies, walking to work is an easy way to tone your body. Plus to can avoid waiting for the bus, and save money. It is also great to wake up and enjoy a little you time. Enjoy!

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  1. Aurelia says:

    Well well petite chipie….I follow your advice, most of them! Now I can see the differences on my body, skin and my well being love you..!!!!xxxx

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