Third secret for beautiful legs…morning massage

On the evening our legs can be heavy, uncomfortable, your boots feel smaller, your ankles look swollen, in short your legs look much bigger and fatter than they really are, it is not more you! They are itchy and uncomfortable, really not ideal for the Christmas parties!!! This may have many causes but mainly crazy life style, sitting at your desk all day, trample on in the tub, queuing, standing, waiting for the bus, which impact our circulation badly. Ideally we should walk, but time is money nowadays and even this very simple thing is luxury. We should make the time to walk but walk properly, at least 20, 30 minutes in a row. This is the best secret for beatufil legs, so try to forget the bus (too often we are waiting at least 20 minutes) and so walking to the next tube station is a double winning, avoid waiting for the crowded bus and taking care of your legs. Now, reality is we rarely do it. So between work, family…we rush, and rarely walk. Now, there are a few secrets to help you. I already shared with you the benefits of lymphatic drainage there and dry bush massage here

Now I share with you another secret, morning massage, this reactive the circulation and help starting the day feeling great! I love the sensation, it is like a “good morning” to your body! Yes sometime you are in hurry and really you think you don’t have the time, or you can’t be asked. So to avoid the catch of laziness, hurry or whatever excuse, kill tow birds with one stone! Do it in the shower! I love it! for an additional help I use Elancyl Massage glove as it contains caffeine, it favors the destocking of fats. I tested it, use it, and it really helps getting rid of cellulite aspect…Hooray!

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