Stop starving yourself, eat and loose weight.

Loose weight, but stop starving yourself, eat and loose weight. The true French approach to food is based on a balanced diet. We share with you the French secrets to eat properly and stay slim.

Loose weight, is not easy with our busy lives. Many of us have our breakfast and lunch at work, and it is very difficult to stay healthy.

We buy sandwiches full of mayonnaise, or we try to be healthy with a soup but with crisps these are disastrous for our figure. In addition, it is not sufficient, and we are hungry a couple of hours later. This is the catch, because having snack made of fruit, or worse chocolate bar will rocket your insulin level. Insulin encourages the body to stock fat, and makes us fat.

A typical French lunch will encompass a starter, a main, cheese and dessert. It sounds a load, but with a proper meal, you are not starving mid-day and reduce the temptation to have a sweet snack. Here are the secrets for a proper, healthy meal.

First, the basic principles

– Never eat fruit between meals always at the end (because it is like eating sugar cubes direct)
– Remove all the products at 0% or low-fat diet or so called products. (The 0% yogurt with fruits contain starch which transform into sugar so it is useless, rather choose flavored yogurt)
– Red meat equals white meat, so you can eat red meat.
– Do not chew gum

– 4 coffee or tea / day max but every time one sweetened with real sugar (which keeps blood sugar levels in the blood, and prevents the production of insulin which triggers when the blood sugar decreases, causing hunger and especially cravings …)
– Never drink during the meal or 1 cup max
– Cook without fat and add it after baking
– Weigh food
– Always start by protein
– Never eat bread if you eat starchy foods

A balanced diet, with sufficient food, so you don’t starve yourself.


40 g cereal + 125 ml milk 1/2 fat
1 coffee or sweet tea
1 orange

Lunch (Pret a manger salade below is a good option)

120 g of meat or 150 g of cooked fish
200 g of vegetables (cooked or raw in salads)
or 120 g of starch but no bread.
1cc 5 g butter or cream (normal)
if you had vegetables, you can have 20 g cheese with one slice of bread
if you have starch, no bread, you can have one yogurt or 100 g of cottage cheese.
1 fruit 150 g and coffee or tea with one sugar

Snack (if hungry)
1 yogurt or cottage cheese  (maximum one teaspoon sugar)
or 30 g of bread + 20 g cheese
30 g of bread with 20 g dark chocolate (only black)

Diner. It is the perfect time to prepare a home made diner, and enjoy your family. Even if you come back home late, it is time to take care of you and your body. Ensure you have fresh food in the fridge.

If you had vegetables for lunch: 120 g of starch
if you had starch for lunch: 200 g vegetables (cooked or raw) or soup
80g of meat or 100 g of fish or 2 eggs, or 100 g ham or turkey
5 g or 1 tbsp butter or vinaigrette (never light version but rather with a spoon of water) or a teaspoon of cream
1 yogurt or cottage cheese 100 g sugar 20%
1 fruit or 1 compote. If you need ideas, have a look at Simple Dinners: Clever Ideas and Speedy Solutions for Every Day

In short, with this simple balanced diet, you will have no sense of dieting when shopping, what a pleasure to eat a piece of goat cheese, or cheddar. You can cooked everything separately and  add more fat grated cheese etc for your children and husband, while you stay light!

It works you will lost weight, and be happy with the chocolate snack!

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