Slimming creams that work!

Slimming creams that work, the true tests. In April 2004, a French test involving the thighs of 200 women has found that what say in the adverts is true: “miracle” slimming creams do reduce cellulite. 

The French well-known consumers’ a association “60 Million de Consommateurs“, the French equivalent of the UK Consumers’ Association published its test results in 2004.

At time the best of 10 slimming creams were L’Oreal Perfect Slim and Elancyl’s Chrono Active, now called Galenic Elancyl Cellu Reverse Slimming Serum

They reduce the circumference of women’s thighs by up to two centimetres in two weeks. Marie-Jeanne Husset, editor of  the Consumers’ Association in France, said: “We have tested … creams on three previous occasions and never found them to be more effective than a thigh massage. This time, our test has come to the very conclusion that women want to hear. People have been astonished to find us giving the thumbs up,” 

The slimming creams that work available in the UK are:

  • Clarins Body Lift Contour Control now Clarins High Definition Body Lift.  High quality cosmetic, non allergic. Both the quality of Clarins products and great results.
  • L’Oreal Perfect Slim : Good slimming lotion, pleasant, easy to apply and comfortable. L’Oreal offers slimming creams that work at affordable price.

Our new findings are:-

Revitol-Cellulite Reduction Solution is based on Caffeine/Coffee Extract. It definitely works for me, so despite its slightly unpleasant smell I will keep using it.

Nuxe Body Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite 150ml is recommended by Sarah Mony, a French nutritionist. 

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