Superb bottom

Bottom is our best asset and worse nightmare, here you will find tips, exercises to get a superb bottom.

We all want a superb bottom, and we can achieve it.

Bottom; having a superb bottom is the dream of many of us, so we share with you our finding for a superb bottom. In ES Magazine of Friday 6th January 2012, a simple yet useful reminder on how having super glutes!

Again the donkey kick is recognized as the best weapon to have nice glutes. On all fours, abs braced, kick one leg up in the (knee bent at 90 degrees throughout) Aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each side, and make sure your hips don’t twist round as you kick.

You will also find this exercise in our favorite Pilates DVD, Pilates For Life, Darcey Bussell.

Many exercises aims at working you bottom, be disciplined do your workout 3 times a week and you will soon see the difference. The best bottom firmer:

– Start on all fours, then bring one knee toward the chest and kick it back, keeping the leg parallel to the floor, foot pointed and above hip level, and repeat.

– Another good exercise, lie one one side, hip level, legs straight. With feet flexed, slowly raise the top leg, making sure the ankles touch when the top leg lowers.

– And finally, lie on your back, propped up on your elbows with one leg bent, then raise and lower the other straight leg, point the foot when lifting and flex it when lowering to fully work more muscles.

The trick to to getting toned is to work the muscles to exhaustion with 30, even 40 reps. Focus on the quality too, really feel your body.

Another very good DVD to pratice this type of exercises, is Yogalates 6 For Weight Loss [DVD] which incorporate pilates, yoga and dance, the secrets for a lean and toned body.

A tip from pros, slow down your movements. Fast movements relies more on momentum then muscle effort. Slow movements help to get those lean, feminine muscles.

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