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Walk, it is the easiest and cheapest way to be fit and slim. It has great benefits, supporting your circulation and burning fat, and a good way to clear your mind. The best way to have lean legs. Use the correct shoes and find ways to be motivated:

Just walk, walking has great benefits, it helps you to get fit and slim. One of the Chipies remember while working in a clothing shop seeing the legs of a woman in her 40’s, she was amazed, she had a most beautiful legs. She explained “I just walk 1 hour every weekends”

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Just walk the secret to have great legs

Walking helps preventing swollen legs. On the evening our legs can be heavy, uncomfortable, your boots feel smaller, your ankles look swollen, in short your legs look much bigger and fatter than they really are, it is not more you!

They are itchy and uncomfortable, really not ideal.  This may have many causes but mainly crazy life style, sitting at your desk all day, trample on in the tub, queuing, standing, waiting for the bus, which impact our circulation badly and make our legs look bigger.

Just walk petitechipie.co.uk

Walk as often as possible.

Ideally we should exercise, but time is money nowadays and even this very simple thing is luxury. We should make the time to walk but walk properly, at least 20, 30 minutes in a row.

This is the best secret for beautiful legs, so try to forget the bus (too often we are waiting at least 20 minutes) and so walking to the next tube station is a double winning, avoid waiting for the crowded bus and taking care of your legs. Walking burns calories and it plays a major role in weight management and loss.

To be motivated, use a pedometer that keeps track of your steps throughout the day,  Omron Walking Style III Pedometer. When you reach 10,000 steps, you will reach the equivalent of walking 30 minutes at a moderately brisk level. When done on a consistent basis, walking can help you lose weight. Lower weight means less abdominal fat and lower risk of developing other cardiovascular conditions.

If you want to do proper walking then you may want to have a look at Therese Iknoian ‘s book Fitness Walking , it explains how walking properly.
Ideally wear trainers REEBOK Easytone are greatNew MBT Kamba Womens Fitness Shoes are also very successful. They help to feel your gluts contract with every step.

Otherwise, walk with flat shoes, ballet pumps are very fashionable at the moment, but any other flat and comfortable shoes are fine for a quick stroll.

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