Celebrity body secrets

Celebrity body secrets, so what are the celebrity body secrets? We gather for you all the information we can find, and we found a load, here they are:

Celebrity body secrets are not so secret, just common sense. In fact, most of their secret routine is simple and can be easily be done. You will also see that their workout recipes are very similar, and I have created specific pages to find out how to follow their examples.

Charlize Theron yoga @ http://petitechipie.co.ukCharlize Theron ‘I work out like everyone else, I mix up hiking, spinning, Yoga – the variety helps me stay active.’ We need to walk see my page beautiful-legs. For yoga, my favorite is bikram yoga. You can have a look, bikram yoga is amazing, you can get a fabulous figure quite quickly, as far as you are happy to spend at least  two session a week, and sweat!!! but it definitely worth it!

Celbs secrets @ http://petitechipie.co.ukBar Rafaeli, model ‘I like eating healthily but if I’m craving I’ll have it, just not every day. My main workout is TRX (working with your own body weight) which really tones the body. I can’t do the Yoga stuff, it bores me.’ I have never heard of it before, but when I see Bar’s body, I am quite tempted by this celebrity body secrets, you can find Trx Force Training Kit on Amazon


Jennifer Aniston, “I work out almost every day, at least five or six days a week. I do 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical, or a conbinaison. Then I do pilates one day a week and yoga in addition to that, three days a week. I try to mix it up.”

“Mandy Ingber is her yoga teacher, and she has an excellent DVD”. Yogalosophy with Mandy Ingber [DVD]


Livia Firth ‘Macadamia Oil; I apply it before bed for a hydrating body treat that just sinks into the skin.’ Ok a tip to try, we told you about Moroccanoil oil treatement for your hair, let’s try it on our bodies…

Jessica Biel ‘I practise Yoga on a regular basis and work with Jason Walsh my amazing trainer – he makes me do more one legged squats than you could ever imagine.’ Yes yoga once again…Jessica doesn’t say which yoga, but Chipies favorite workout is the DVD Pilates For Life, Darcey Bussell


celebrity body secrets tamara mellonTamara Mellon ‘I love the Tracy Anderson work out DVD. I do it every morning and take it with me whenever I travel.’ You can easily buy Tracy Anderson Method [DVD] on Amazon

The Chief Creative Office and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, have a great figure and it is an easy advice to follow.
Unfortunately, I have tried but not really for me, although I must say a girlfriend used to do it, and the results were amazing, so keep in mind this is one of the celebrity body secrets


Natalie Portman ‘I swim, hike and tone, and I use the elliptical machine three times a week.’ Ok back to the gym then, no much help in this feedback.

Doutzen Kroes, model ‘I try to sleep as much as I can and I go to the gym a lot; I do boxing, jump rope, Bikram Yoga, and regular Yoga and running.‘ Ah bikram yoga, what else?

Elle Macpherson Bikram yoga Elle Macpherson and Bikram Yoga, because in an ES Magazine, the “My London” page was about The Body, Elle Macpherson and she mentions Bikram Yoga. What a better introduction to it but The Body! In fact, it remenbered me that I forgot to share a secret with you, Bikram Yoga. It is a fantastic activity to recover and maintain your toned body, so I created a page for you: Bikram yoga

You may be interested to get this book Clean & Lean Diet: 14 Days to Your Best-ever Body with foreword by Elle Macpherson, we love it it is a great guide on how to eat smart and get slim.

We keep looking for celebrity body secrets…to follow.

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