Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga, a fabulous way to get back on shape

Brikram yoga

I used to practice Bikram Yoga, it is a superbe way to maintain a fabulous body, and a lot more.

I started Bikram Yoga after stopping smoking, and a few pounds to loose…I was at first quite scared by the challenge, a 26 postures Sequence to be done in 90 minutes…and, in a room heated at around 105 degrees…but I was determined to be fit again!

I was going to the hot bikram yoga studio. The instructors were great, and the training room very large so I could always find a spot. The only downside was the changing rooms in the Fulham studio, so tiny, and a terrible queue to the shower, and believe my you don’t skip a shower after bikram yoga!

So first time, in a large room in front of a mirror reflecting all my fat bits and unfit body…I was not too proud, yet observing people around me really gave me the stamina to do it properly…I was surrounded by beautiful bodies, toned, strong, slim…exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Brikram Yoga London

So I was struggling with each and every postures, yet feeling that something was happening in my body and my mind, encouraged me to continue…until I started to feel sick, really sick…no wonder they recommended not eating for 3 hours before (or so) and of course I did eat…I soon realised that Bikram yoga not only strengthened my body but also reduced my stress and very curiously stabilised my appetite…that I have yet to understand why, but just writing about it I want to do it again! I will let you know if I actually do!

After a few sessions, I started to be able to follow the full 26 postures, they worked every part of the body, and even muscles, ligaments, I had no idea existed…

My legs soon looked much longer and thinner, and…straighter! my arms were defined, my stomach flat…a dream…it also regulated my appetite, and I felt much much stronger not only physically but also mentally.

I should never have stopped but unfortunately I had to because I have been ill for a little while.

Anyway, I cannot recommend it more, and I want to go back!!!

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