Slim, how to be slim, how French women stay slim? French eat croissant for breakfast and cheese for dessert, this is the French paradox.

Slim is the what we want to be, yet it is a real challenge. At petite chipie, we are all French and we are quite slim. Here we share our French secrets with you. In this blog, we share many slimming secrets, and this page is dedicated to food, our favorite.

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French think about food all the time, yet we don’t bother about counting calories. It is all about instinct, but to tell you the truth we have too our ancestral rituals, anchored in our minds. France used to be a very agricultural country, and people use to eat seasonal products, plus French have always been obsessed with their figures, so we have always tried to find the right balance.

French are gourmets, so we indulge but in small amount and not everyday. As Mireille Guilliano, author of bestselling book French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, explains “we do eat chocolate mousse and croissants, but we eat small amounts”. This means that if we indulge one evening, we will eat lightly the day after, it is all about balance. For example, crisps should be the exception to your diet rather than a daily treat. In the UK, crisps are consumed almost at all lunch, and as a snack, while it is super fatty. Cutting this habit, will help you to loose weight.

The closest UK diet we came across is the bodyism, and we all adopted the book Clean & Lean Diet: Your Best-ever Body with foreword by Elle Macpherson because it provides recipes that can easily be made with products available in the UK market. But they are other really good book which explain the French slimness secrets, we like The French Don’t Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life, this book is designed to re-educate your food habits, and it also helps you to understand better how food impacts your body.

Although these books are great to help us finding a new eating lifestyle, they do not provide much help with recipes and it is really what is needed when we have to cook every day. Take away food is a real slim enemy, so try to avoid it as much as possible, in order to do this we need quick, easy and healthy recipes. Many books provide diet recipes which are completly unrealistic in our day to day lives, providing recipes which require ingredients impossible to find in your local supermarket or requires long cooking.

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So for easy and healthy dinner we love How To Cook Yourself Healthy And Slim: Easy Recipes That Are Rich In Antioxidants And Low In Saturated Fat, it is very “cuisine nouvelle” so expect small portions, but we want to be slim so it is fine, plus it does include delicious desserts.

Now, our French favorite and well-known author of  The Montignac Diet, has also published the Montignac Recipes and Menus, is a must in most French kitchens.

Now, we also want these fabulous French recipes for special occasions, yet we want the “lighter” version, for this the book The Skinny French Kitchen is fantastic.

The basic slimming well-known secret is protein, proper meat, fish or what ever vegetarian option exists. A French will not drink the horrible meal replacement sachets, but rather eat delicious proteins at each meal.

Natural proteins help to melt the fat, yes! ham, surimi, eggs, poultry, fish, meat … are slimming. The protein gives us the satiety to resist the craving for sweets, and they ask a crazy energy to be digested, and therefore burn calories. Protein but not too much, and obviously without the sauce, always ask for the sauce separately!

Eat slim @

eat slim @

Proteins should represent 25/30% of your plate, 25/30% starch and 40/50% vegetables. That’s French women’s secret and it works! It is a simple and effective! it is now easy to buy individual bags of greens for you if you are a couple and your other half does not support the green!

French tend to be authentic and will eat full fat product, for a start a French don’t have a clue on how fat product contain. They will just believe their feelings, and for French pleasure is important so they eat full fat products. Low fat products don’t give you the same satisfaction as proper plain ones, and therefore you will eat more because your appetite and desire is not fulfilled. Yet, we think twice before having chocolate, we will wait rather than having a quick snack chocolate bar at our desk.

slim @ if you have a quick fix, you will only enjoy it partly,  because you are busy doing something else, and your brain won’t be satisfied. Plus, if you have a sweet snack between meals, you will stock the fat more than if you have your sweet product as a dessert. French will always want this food pleasure, but they keep their body objective in mind and they try to conciliate both. We think of our body in a bikini, every morning in the mirror.

So, it is better to think properly about what dessert you want, and have it sat at a table after lunch as it will be better digested by your body and you will stock far less. Plus there is a wonderful option, the “cafe gourmand”, your coffee comes with a mini bit of your favorite dessert, so you don’t feel frustrated and you maintain your figure, watch out the menu.

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