SAD Light

SAD light is a great weapon to beat winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder, know as SAD. It is due to a lack of light, and this was not fun. We can feel without energy and slightly depressed, and above all very grumpy. So this year, we decide to buy a SAD light. Believe us, it works.

SAD light

There are many choices of SAD light online, our favorite as usual is Amazon, as they are reliable and deliver quickly. For Mister, as he works at his desk at home most of the day. we decided to go for the Lumie Desk Lamp SAD Light . The results were not long to come, after a mild welcoming to our present, yes this desk lamp is not the most elegant, Mister is now delighted.

Our friend’s life has consequently definitely improved, and we found our true friend, a real Chipie, happy and cheeky.

SAD light @

Some of us realised that she too had SAD symptoms, struggle to sleep, to wake up in the morning, and not so happy. So, we looked for more options, since we knew form our friend’s husband experience that the Lumie brand works, we decided to focus on it. One obvious choice it the Lumie Wake-up Light , it is discrete and really help in the morning. Many of us adopted it and we love it! Finish the peevish mornings.

Happy winter @ of course our arty Chipies, did not like the designs offered by Lumie, and they made researched about alternative and efficient brands. They found the brand INNOSOL . They are far more elegant, and they offer various original design. Above all, this brand is recognised by health professionals as being on of the most efficient to beat winter blues. We love the ‘Innosol Sunny Rondo’ , one Chipie bought it for her living-room and it looks great. I have chosen the Aurora Designer Lamp (picture right) for my desk at work, all my colleagues what the same!

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