Private sales

Private sales, Chipie and her friends are sale hunters and we share our favorite private sales secrets with you. Here, you will find the best private sales online, enjoy!!

Private sales are great, you can find fantastic brands discounted, and at last buy your dream shoes or clothes. Many of my French friends were members of a few private sales in Paris. At the time, it was actual sales in a hall, it was great but choice was quite small. We haven’t found the same in London, but this is no more an issue, as so many are available online.

One of our favorite private sales is Secret sales, it is a free private online club which organises exclusive sales for its members only. We use them and they are reliable, they offer sales in fashion, accessories, home wares, sports equipment, electronics technology, travel items, jewellery watches and children’s products, discount is up 80% including on luxury brands. It’s worth a look!!

Another private sales site to know for designer bargains is Showroomprive. It is a French website. You can  buy French brands that are very difficult to find in the UK, and benefit from great bargains. Access the French trend at 70% discounts, enjoy!

Then you have the very well known Net-a-Porter private sales, it is a very luxurious private sales, and still quite expensive. They know it and they have also developed a cheaper version of Net-a-Porter, the Outnet. My friends love buying dream items there and they are very satisfied with the service.

One of our tips to buy online is to have a ready list of your size in your favorite brands. In order to do that, why not going to the brand shops and try a few items. Then you can note your size on your mobile for example, so next time you come across a dream pair of shoes or dress online, you won’t have to worry to wonder whether they will fit you or not.

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