Women Biker boots

Women Biker boots, a must have! Punky, grungy, rock, Madame, studded or wise, they are always fashionable. Petite Chipies have selected the best women biker boots available online for you:

Women Biker boots are worn by one of our icon, Kate Moss, biker boots are fashionable and great for all seasons. 

Kate Moss Biker boots

You can wear biker boots in winter, but spring may be on the horizon, it is still coming with frost on the ground and April showers looming. So we still want to keep our feet warm and splash-proof. And what better way than with a pair biker boots.

Women Biker boots are so comfortable and trendy, regardless of current fashion. They are a statement of confidence.

They are great to wear, particularly for music festivals. They are waterproof and anything else proof…just the perfect shoes for outdoor gigs.

I love the original model, by Harley-Davidson, the spirit of independence and adventure rumbling at the heart of the Harley-Davidson legend. They are so reliable, my cheri have had a pair for almost 20 years and they still look fantastic! Here is my selection:-

Another mythic brand is Frye, they are man-crafted by the oldest boots maker in the US. Created in 1863, the Frye boots, were worn by US soldiers during the Second World War, they have survived fashion changes and decades untouched. Their women biker boots will more than likely last you for the rest of your life.

Celebrities love Frye women biker boots, I have found a few pictures below they have their very own style:

Cameron Diaz loves the Frye Campus 14 L Flat Rubber with her skinny jeans, they look very comfortable and quite chic.

January Jones prefers Frye Carson L Casual Lace Ups, they are really cute and so different.

Personally, I love the Frye Engineer 12R Biker Boot worn on a mini skirt like Kate Walsh.

I also love the Frye Women’s Veronica Shortie Biker Boot, as well as their high heels model the Frye Harlow Multi Strap Leather Heels Pull On Tan Boots





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  1. womum says:

    Je confirme, un basic pour les jours où l’on a besoin de se sentir armée pour la journée ou l’envie d’être un peu rock !

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