Why shoes matter

Why shoes matter, the Financial Times published an article intitled “Power with grace” on the 9th December 2011. It explains a lot on why shoes matter.

Why shoes matter: The Financial Times published a wonderful article about Christine Lagarde, no politics here, regardless of my opinion about her, this article is interesting because the journalist Gillian Tett made a very bold approach in starting her article about Christine’s shoes…navy low-heeled court shoes.

She stated “The last time I met Christine Lagarde, 55, the recently appointed head of the International Monetary Fund, I could not help staring at her shoes”

The full article can be found at: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/2277d682-1fc4-11e1-9916-00144feabdc0.html

So, why starting her article with these shoes? Because  shoes are one thing people look first when you meet them.

Christine Lagarde herself said “that you are what other people see you as”. So, if you want to be seen as elegant, then your shoes have to be elegant. Ideally your shoes should be made with a noticeable quality in the man-craft and material.

Christine Lagarde is working in  a man’s world, yet she is not wearing very high heels, she does not need this to deal with men. Her navy low-heeled court shoes symbolize self-confidence. Self confidence because they are low which it is totally in opposition with the aggressive “business women”, in pointy stiletto, who feels she needs to be super feminine.

Why shoes matter, in our opinion being feminine, and especially at work doesn’t mean being sexy, sexy would mean I am a woman love me, look at me, rather than I am a woman, this is a fact but regardless what I am here for are my competencies.

So your shoes should reflect what you want other to see in you. Therefore, here at petite chipie we would rather having a few pair of quality shoes than many cheap ones. More is less.

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