Over the knee Boots

Over the knee Boots are so va va voom, we love them. Yet they can be tricky to wear, so here are the tricks to avoid any “faux pas”


We love wearing over the knee boots on skinny jeans In this case wear a classic and basic top to avoid the vulgar.

Kate Moss got this right when she wears over the knee high heels boots with a formal jacket.

She also wears stretch leather round toe over-the-knee boots which look very chic, stretch.

Leather boots are gorgeous, this 2012 winter leather is back, what a better opportunity to dare over the knee boots!

You can wear flat over the knee boots with a skinny or larger heels, so it not over the top.

Over the knee boots look chic under a mid-length skirt or dress. Wearing them with a pair of short, short skirt or dress, it can be either very sexy and chic, or very vulgar type pretty woman…not so pretty in real life! in doubt go for lower heels or wider heels.

Our favorite over the knee boots are either heels in suede worn under a mid-length dress or skirt, or flat leather with skinny jeans.

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  1. womum says:

    Ah oui, je les aime mes nouvelles cavalières qui montent jusqu’aux genoux ! Elles fendent la bise et ont un effet fou sur mes slims ou mes petites robes ! J’ai longtemps eu peur du coté “shoching” mais elle sont parfaites car “faussement sages” !

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