Second secret for great legs


I benefited from lymphatic drainage massage by a physiotherapist, it is a manual craft, after a few sessions of 45 minutes my legs looked thinner and firmer.
This gentle massage “decongest” the legs and thighs. It fighting against lymphatic circulation problems, it helps to drive out the cellulite. Once relaxed, the skin allows the lymph to flow freely. The skin gradually changes appearance and becomes smoother and better irrigated. Sometimes, during the elimination phase, the dimpled appearance of the skin is initially slightly more apparent, it is due to the decreased water load . Gradually, as the cellulite reduce the appearance of the skin is smooth.

If you can offer lymphatic drainage do not hesitate, but it costs, so you can simply massage your legs at home, it is very effective! To learn how go to my Beauty, Beautiful legs, second secret to lean how to do it yourself!!!

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