Private sales sites

Private sales sites, Chipie is a sale hunter and share her secrets!!

Private sales sites, I was a member of a few in Paris, at the time, it was actual sales in a hall, it was great but choice was quite small. I haven’t found the same in London, but this is no more an issue, as so many are available online.¬†One of my favorite is Secret Sales, it is a free private online club which organises exclusive sales for its members only.

I used them and they are reliable, they offer sales in fashion, accessories, home wares, sports equipment, electronics technology, travel items, jewellery watches and children’s products, discount is up 80% including on luxury brands. It’s worth a look!!

Another site to know for designer bargains, women’s fashion at private sales prices, a French website, access the French trend at 70% discounts, enjoy!

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