Petite chipie

Petite chipie is a blog about French Ladies’ secrets, how to dress ┬áto be chic, where to find the best products, and what to do to be slim and stay slim.

Who is Petite chipie, I am a French woman living in London, and with my friends we love sharing our beauty tips, so I have created this blog to record and share our secrets. You may wonder, how is it that French women always look so chic and slim? Petite Chipie and several friends insiders share with you the secret to the French je ne sais quoi.

In this blog me and my friends share with you our favorite beauty secrets, the best products and diet to be slim for example the bodyism , how to dress to be chic and elegant. What French eat and how staying slim.

My friends and I believe that fashion and beauty should be accessible to all, as Yves Saint Laurent rightly said ” We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.”

So, we share with you how to dress and where to find online the classic wardrobe basics, as well as the luxury brands at affordable prices.

We make a selections of the must-have clothes and shoes, the timeless classic and the best products, as well as new creators, those who create the trend.

Petite chipie gives you links, because as any busy woman, between work, social life and family; Time devoted to shopping is more and more limited. In fact, we do not want to waste our time looking in vain for the right product, so we find the best products online.

Remember all these articles on the web or in your magazines, you wish you had kept, the real valuable ones, lost due to the amount of magazines, online data you read…we are trying here to record the useful information available, a go to point of reference.

Remember too, what your mum, grandmother told you, these beauty secrets ignored at once and missed, these basic, cheap products and wonderful recipes, we try to record them for you…because beauty doesn’t have to be expensive and most luxury products are based on natural and affordable products easily available when you know them…

Please jump in give inputs and recommendations…because we all worth it…

Enjoy chipies!!!!

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