Chipie’s slimming plan 10 days on

Chipie’s slimming plan 10 days on!!

Ok 10 days on, every morning I use my Elancyl Slimming Massage Shower Glove, walking not every morning due to bad weather but I do over the weekend, and using Elemis Skin Brush every evenings!

And appling my new slimming cream Revitol Cellulite Cream …verdict? Hurrahs, victory I can see the difference, really!

 My legs are much smoother, cellulite is far less visible! and I can see my waist bones!!!! Ok I don’t yet look like this picture but I am getting much closer!!! Now I really believe that my new slimming cream works, ok it doesn’t smell great but it penetrates very quickly, and it doesn’t feel colod like other creams do, and I really appreciate it when it is cold… I also found a much cheaper option buying then by 3, Revitol Cellulite Cream (3 Bottles)

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Just dance with Chico…

Chipies, what best workout but dance! just balance…just dance with Chico

One of my favorite, Chico Buarque Essa Moça Tá Diferente, enjoy!

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Walking to work, wearing flats

Walking to work, wearing flats. To walk don’t compromise and just wear trainers, they are now wonderful to help shaping your body. So what are the best shoes.

Walking to work, wearing flats. Yes! Although we love our heals, they are not sensible for a walk. Since We now walk to the station, let’s not compromise and just wear trainers or flats.  Why not just  claim “I walk and I am self-confidence, and making a statement of equality with men, I do not need heels to please you. Remember why shoes matter

Chipie and her friends have chosen REEBOK Easytone , and yes we can feel they work on our bottom, legs and posture. When wearing with we feel like we fly, with our heels we cannot walk quickly without pain. With trainers or flats, it is very easy to walk, American women understood that years ago and you can see many of them walking in flat shoes or trainers in New York. Another bonus, when you arrive at work and put on your smart shoes on, you feel so light and tall!!! a dream…

Another pair of trainers to try is the New MBT Kamba Womens Fitness Shoes. Many of my friends adopted them years ago and they love them. Now they are far less bulky and they look great.

Walking is a wonderful activity to shape your body, it helps your circulation and therefore it is great for your legs. My friends who regularly walk have fabulous legs, and it is quite fun to go for a long walk with them. It is also good to walk after lunch or diner, as it helps your digestion.

So chipies, walking to work is an easy way to tone your body. Plus to can avoid waiting for the bus, and save money. It is also great to wake up and enjoy a little you time. Enjoy!

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Chipie’s slimming plan!!!

Chipie’s slimming plan!!!

Petite Chipie has been naughty during Christmas period and now has to workout to reduce the disastrous results of a delicious meals made of “foie gras”, chocolate, puddings…and of course no workout, holiday period, laziness.

Chipie is now weighting 56.5 kilos or 124.3 lbs, instead of 55 kilos or 121 lbs, and doesn’t look very fit at all!!!! So to get rid of the enemies cellulite and general overweight.

I started started again my routine:-

 First I follow my own advises and every morning I use my Elemis Skin Brush, expensive but my body worth it especially when spring will come sooner that expected and I want to be ready for the fab little skirts!

Secondly, instead of taking the bus, I walk to the tub station, never mind the weather, I put my trainers on, my fab shoes in a light bag, and off I go, I don’t wait for the bus (which I had to wait for ages…), I save money and I get fab legs…

Thirdly, I DO use my Elemis Skin Brush every evenings!

and finally I apply my new slimming cream Revitol-Cellulite Reduction Solution,
I tried it this morning for the first time, first good new it doesn’t smell anything! secondly it penetrate the skin immediately, it is not sticky and doesn’t leave any residues. This is all bonuses although I wouldn’t have mind a nice smell…now day one, let’s see the most important, does it work? I will let you know soon!

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Slimming creams that work!

Slimming creams that work, the true tests. In April 2004, a French test involving the thighs of 200 women has found that what say in the adverts is true: “miracle” slimming creams do reduce cellulite. 

The French well-known consumers’ a association “60 Million de Consommateurs“, the French equivalent of the UK Consumers’ Association published its test results in 2004.

At time the best of 10 slimming creams were L’Oreal Perfect Slim and Elancyl’s Chrono Active, now called Galenic Elancyl Cellu Reverse Slimming Serum

They reduce the circumference of women’s thighs by up to two centimetres in two weeks. Marie-Jeanne Husset, editor of  the Consumers’ Association in France, said: “We have tested … creams on three previous occasions and never found them to be more effective than a thigh massage. This time, our test has come to the very conclusion that women want to hear. People have been astonished to find us giving the thumbs up,” 

The slimming creams that work available in the UK are:

  • Clarins Body Lift Contour Control now Clarins High Definition Body Lift.  High quality cosmetic, non allergic. Both the quality of Clarins products and great results.
  • L’Oreal Perfect Slim : Good slimming lotion, pleasant, easy to apply and comfortable. L’Oreal offers slimming creams that work at affordable price.

Our new findings are:-

Revitol-Cellulite Reduction Solution is based on Caffeine/Coffee Extract. It definitely works for me, so despite its slightly unpleasant smell I will keep using it.

Nuxe Body Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite 150ml is recommended by Sarah Mony, a French nutritionist. 

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Models’ body secret before a bikini photo shoot

Models’ body secret before a bikini photo shoot, James Duigan shared a top model secret to look fabulous for a bikini photo shoot!

He shared in an interview that a lots of his model clients take an Epsom salts bath just before a bikini photo shoot.

Just add one or two mugs of Epsom salts  to a hot bath. Epsom salts are an ancient remedy for drawing out toxins. Taking one or two of these baths a week will speed up your weight loss.

If it is good for a model, it must be good for us too!!! I made my researched and found that they are called Epsom salts because of the town of Epsom in England where this salt was harvested. Overall, it helps our body function like clockwork. This is because Epsom salt baths can regulate enzyme activity in our body. Our skin is able to absorb magnesium while soaking in an Epsom salt bath. This means that we receive a good supply of it while relaxing. After all, many among us are deficient in magnesium, and we don’t even know it. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include arthritis, unnatural stress levels, fatigue and heart disease among others. It can also help bolster our intestinal walls. And you can buy EPSOM SALTS here and it is quite cheap!

I bought mine and I will try tonight, I cannot wait!

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Celebs’ body secrets

Celebs’ body secrets

Celebs’ body secrets, hey chipies, why no looking at the celebs’ secrets to have their bodies? I found this article about Celebrity body secrets- Charlize Theron ‘I work out like everyone else, I mix up hiking, spinning, Yoga – the variety helps me stay active.’ So nothing new here, we need to walk see my page beautiful-legs. For yoga, my favorite is bikram yoga,just have a look, bikram yoga is amazing, you can get a fabulous figure quite quickly, as far as you are happy to spend at least 4 hours a week, or two session a week, and sweat!!! but it definitely worth it!

Tamara Mellon “I love the Tracy Anderson work out DVD. I do it every morning and take it with me whenever I travel.” You can easily buy Tracy Anderson Method [DVD] on Amazon

The Chief Creative Office and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, have a great figure and it is an easy advice to follow.
Unfortunately, I have tried but not really for me, although I must say a girlfriend used to do it, and the results were amazing. My favorite workout is the DVD Pilates For Life, Darcey Bussell. For more celebrity secrets just go on my page celebrity body secrets

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Private sales sites

Private sales sites, Chipie is a sale hunter and share her secrets!!

Private sales sites, I was a member of a few in Paris, at the time, it was actual sales in a hall, it was great but choice was quite small. I haven’t found the same in London, but this is no more an issue, as so many are available online. One of my favorite is Secret Sales, it is a free private online club which organises exclusive sales for its members only.

I used them and they are reliable, they offer sales in fashion, accessories, home wares, sports equipment, electronics technology, travel items, jewellery watches and children’s products, discount is up 80% including on luxury brands. It’s worth a look!!

Another site to know for designer bargains, women’s fashion at private sales prices, a French website, access the French trend at 70% discounts, enjoy!

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Women Press

Women press is a wonderful source of tips, for clothing, beauty and body. At petite chipie we just love them. There are so many information in women press that it is quite difficult to remember all the great tips they provide. So petite chipie and friends record them for you on this blog.

Women press, so do you have no time to review women press or remember all these women articles you wish you had kept, the real valuable ones, lost due to the amount of women press you read…petite chipie and friends record the useful information available, a go to point of reference. This week in women press, there are fabulous information on how to get slim:

– In ES Magazine of Friday 6th January 2012, a simple yet useful reminder on how having super glutes! Again the donkey kick is recognized as the best weapon to have nice glutes. On all fours, abs braced, kick one leg up in the (knee bent at 90 degrees throughout) Aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each side, and make sure your hips don’t twist round as you kick. For more information on how getting a fabulous bottom go to this page.

– In Harper’s Bazaar, January 2012, The body Blitz, a great article to at last meet your body goals. I have noted the greatest tips, the first on how to loose weight without starving, no diet but a new way of life, thanks to the bodyism see my page bodyism-eat-smart-get-slim, the second a secret weapon to help cut craving the Full fast Appetite Control Spray, see the page weight-loss tips.

Women press is just fabulous, and quite expensive. It all adds up so why not to benefit from petite chipie and her friends sharing on this blog. Please also share with us your findings, so we can can all enjoy the best products on the market.

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Belts, so feminine

Belts, so feminine. Belts highlight your waist, belts are silhouette-defining pieces.  Belts are also this “je ne sais quoi” which makes your look so chic.


Belts are so feminine, so show your waist, show your forms, all women have something beautiful to highlight. If you have waist, show it! My advice, invest in quality belts, you will keep them for ages.

As shoes, belts give to other an indication of who you are, discrete, bold, elegant. I love outfits highlighted with belts, they add chic and fun twist on a traditional wardrobe staple. So don’t compromise with quality, belts have to be in leather. Details in the belt make all the difference, for example a belt featuring a flat bow detail, with python-effect leather, with embellishments, or a flamboyant color (matching your shoes would be my choice). You can also wear it with a knot in order to add more creativity and personality.

Thin belts are perfect for adding an elegant and feminine edge to coats, knitwear, and jackets, our selection:

Colour belts are great to dark color-block outfits, our selection:

Varnish belts Sleek patent belt are great on black outfit, extremly chic and elegant, especially with a sleek black detail on the shoes, our selection:

Animal-print belt add a hint of opulence to a simple, color-block outfit, our selection:

Large Belts, corset belt are the quintessence of femininity, dare wearing them, they are fabulous.

Brand belts, many of us love brands, they are a statement of our position in the society, unfortunately too many people will judge you on the brand of your clothes, shoes, bags…which is not right. In the meantime, brands are also a guarantee of quality. They work with talented creator who design for use models perfectly structured, using fabrics and craftsman of exception. If the brands are a sign of quality, we do not particularly like to display their logos, the logo mania is anti chic. Now, here are a few belts, we wouldn’t mind in my wardrobe at all!

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