Good news, we have found affordable slimming massage shower products

Good news, we have found affordable slimming massage shower products. So, there is no excuse now, not to start this new beauty routine to prepare your body for a  cellulite free bikini.

We shared with you the benefits of shower legs massage, but at the time, the only products available were expensive and difficult to find. Now, we have found affordable alternative.

Of course, we wanted to maintain the benefits of the massage that stimulates the micro-circulation, enhances cellular exchange, and excess water; as well as the gel helps firming and toning anti-cellulite agents.

Our new findings are  SLIM EXTREME MASSAGE SHOWER GEL which cost around £12. This product is from Eveline Cosmetics which  received Cosmopolitan magazine price of beauty in 2011 for one of their creams. See link slimming creams that work. What they say: Massage Shower Gel, developed in the Eveline Cosmetics laboratory, assures optimum care for the skin, increasing the effectiveness of slimming and anti-cellulite treatment. A massage performed with the peeling gel warms up the body and stimulates blood circulation in the skin, increasing its firmness and suppleness.

To benefit from similar massage benefits as the Elancyl massage glove you can use this Detox Body Brush with Massage Nodules at around £7, so a much cheaper option.

One Chipie uses this brush and she prefers it to the Elancyl one, as it is softer, but still good against cellulite thanks to its nodules.

So,  start this new beauty routine to prepare your body for a cellulite free bikini now, it only take a few minutes and the results are great.

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Italian slimming products

Italian slimming products, Italian women are on the beach far more often than we do, so they are constantly aware of their body, and therefore they have to look good most of the time, what are their secrets. One of our Chipies was lucky enough to know an Italian beauty who shared her fabulous body secret to have fabulous curves and yet no signs of cellulite.

Italian slimming products, a really sexy bottom, fab legs and a gorgeous figure. So, we wondered how Italian women could be so curvy, and cellulite free. One of them share with one of the Chipie team her secret, and it is Guam algae.

Italian slimming products, is it Monica Bellucci secret? We don’t know but we at petite chipie are giving a go. So our choices are for the crazy one about bath salt, Guam Seaweed Algae Bath Salt. Other chipies prefer mud, GUAM Seaweed Mud 500g, other prefer creams, Guam Fangocrema Notte – Slimming Night Treatment Cream . So, there are solutions for all of us.

In any case, it seems that it works. Some chipies are really happy with the result, and we are now trying. For the time being the  GUAM Seaweed Mud 500g show the best results. Yet, a bath addict chipie swear by the bath salts.

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Horse chestnut, bye bye heavy legs.

Horse chestnut, buy bye heavy legs, because it helps greatly blood circulation. In fact, horse chestnut has many benefits including preventing varicose veins and phlebitis, and relieving, aching, painful legs, leg cramps and swollen Ankles. Another great benefit it fights cellulite. If you suffer from these symptoms, and you  love natural remedies, this is one for you. 

Horse chestnut to say bye bye heavy legs. The good weather arrives and if for some of us it means get tan legs and skirts For other, it is the beginning of sore legs. Indeed, for many heat rhymes with tired, heavy legs, pain, cramps and swelling.

Horse Chestnut seeds help to cool and relieve legs that feel heavy and uncomfortable. Thanks to its active ingredients the aescin and the flavonoid, horse chestnut tightens the veins allowing the blood to flow better. There are several forms; gel or food supplement, prefer well known brands (Vogel, …), A.Vogel Venaforce Horse Chestnut tablets.

This natural remedy is also good for cellulite. Cellulite is often accompanied by water retention. Water retention is usually aggravated by heat and it localizes inside the knees and ankles. In this case, we must treat cellulite as venous insufficiency, and horse chestnut  is perfect in his role. Massaging your legs with Horse Chestnut Gel greatly helps fighting water retention and therefore cellulite. It is a great product to use when you travel, for example for a long flight.

Horse chestnut also reduces dark circles. Horse chestnut was adopted by the cosmetics industry for its astringent quality; it tightens tissue. It is also very interesting in case of rosacea caused by veins’ fragility, as well as dark circles which are also a form of edema. Its active ingredient, the aescin inhibits the action of certain ensymes implicated in the degradation of acid hyalunorique constituting the veins and the dermis. Horse chestnut helps vessels and skin to regain their balance, so it reduces dark circles and rosacea.

Horse chestnut is a great natural product, but it is still considered as a medicine in France. It is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women, in case of renal insufficiency, and hepatic insulin dependent diabetes, as well as anticoagulants, lithium, and antidiabetics treatments. Otherwise it is full of virtues, and to prevent the poor circulation and bad legs symptoms starting, it is recommended to start a course of horse chestnut during the early summer, in fact now.

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Crazy Sexy Diet

Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr, the new American “food guru” shares her healthy diet in her book, Crazy sexy Diet. The French Elle magazine made an article about it, and I found it so inspiring that I want to share it with you.  

Crazy Sexy Diet follows Kris Carr’s best seller books Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor and Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. In these books, Kris Carr shares a fight against her terminal cancer in a truly inspiring manner. She is just an amazing person, a true fighter who managed to survive cancer. Being a young actress and model, she was leaving on cocktails, junk food and cigarettes, but from the day she was told she had terminal cancer, she has decided to change her life life style totally to fight cancer. She started to eat healthy food and to meditate, She shares her experience and findings with courage and optimism. Kris managed to give a very uplifting and humorous tone to her books.

Kris is a real model, on all point of view. Not only she is courageous and generous, but she is also really beautiful. In her last book, Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr shares her secrets for a healthy diet to boost your immune system and get slim. 

Crazy Sexy Diet is not a simple diet book, it is also about your mind, body and soul. Kris shares all her finding on how to get healthy, which includes knowing what you eat, exercising, and other aspects of well-being such as stress. It seems that what Kris wants to achieve if helping all of us to find the way to a healthiness and happiness. 

I have read on her blog that “Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource that puts you on the fast track to vibrant health, happiness and a great ass!” This sounds terrific, and I certainly understand better the title of the book. 


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Tory Burch Flat Pump are everywhere in Chelsea this 2012 spring, they are the new must have shoes.

Tory Burch Flat Pump are everywhere in London this 2012 spring, they are the new must have shoes. I love the Reva ballet and I found them online for you.

Tory Burch very recognizable logo is everywhere in Chelsea at the moment. You just cannot miss the very eye catching medallion signature of the brand.

They are particularly famous in the US, and they now arrive in the UK. They are simply gorgeous, I love the round logo available in different colours and designs.

To me they are the US version, of the famous French Brand Roger Vivier with their signature large metallic flat buckle.

Tory Burch ballerinas are just so chic and easy to wear. They are a great basic, which gives a chic finish to any look. They are great with skinny ankle trousers, as well as dresses. I love this look with a mini skirt and opaque tights.

They come in so many different colours and types; From the ballet flat, to the wedges, as well as the sandals, there is a model for everyone.

In fact, they are quite addictive and many of us may end up with a few pairs with different colours in our cupboard.

They are just so comfortable and simple, yet so chicly eye catching. In fact, they are the perfect basic for all your looks,

I tried to find them, and they have a shop in London in New Bond Street, although it is not always practical to go there, so I bought mine online! I found them at an affordable price and in the color I wanted. Now, I share with you my findings, just click on your preferred model!

Tory Burch,  flats. As noted on their website “the iconic Reva Ballet Flat, known for its timeless design and perfect fit”. Their signature shoe the Reva, “is the epitome of effortless chic”.

Tory Burch Wedge, noted on their own website as “a chic addition to your warm-weather wardrobe”. They are perfect with this summer bohemian look.


Tory Burch Sandals, they are just so beautiful, I can easily imagine them on a red carpet!

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Prada shoes new collection, this year Prada shoes collection literally explodes!

Prada shoes new collection, this year Prada shoes collection literally explodes! Welcome in a new ultra dynamic world, between comics and Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, just incredible !

Prada shoes new collection creates a whole new world of fiction. What more creative, nothing as bold and creative has been made for decades.

Prada shoes new collection is the new va va voom. This year Prada shoes collection literally explode with vibrant Colors and designs like cartoons, or even better the magnificent Roy Lichtenstein. A firework of revolutionary design.

Prada shoes new collection is explosive, sexy, and imaginative.

Wearing them is a statement of confidence, boldness, fun and self-insurance! Wonderful, welcome in a true new world!

Prada shoes new collection, or the Prada ‘Tail Light Flame’ Sandal says it all!!! Set your world in fire! Go girl! Be bold, self-assured, make a statement!

Prada shoes new collection is available online!!!

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Tone up fast, summer is coming, prepare your bikini body now

Tone up now, summer is coming, prepare your bikini body now, hey chipies, here you will find tips, exercises to tone up.

Tone up, a toned and lean body is the dream of many of use, so I share with you my finding for a superb bottom. In ES Magazine of Friday 6th January 2012, a simple yet useful reminder on how having super glutes! Again the donkey kick is recognized as the best weapon to have nice glutes. On all fours, abs braced, kick one leg up in the (knee bent at 90 degrees throughout) Aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each side, and make sure your hips don’t twist round as you kick.

You will also find this exercise in my favorite Pilates DVD to tone up, Pilates For Life, Darcey Bussell. Many exercises aims at working your body to be toned and lean, be disciplined do your workout 3 times a week and you will soon see the difference.

In Harper’s Bazaar of May 2012, there are many advice to get toned.  One  of them given by trainer Simone de la Rue, I must admit I did not know her but she is apparently the new Tracey Anderson. Now, her secrets if you want to tone are: is to focus on resistance training. The trick to to getting toned is to work the muscles to exhaustion with 30, even 40 reps. Focus on the quality too, really feel your body. Again, she recommends the donkey kick, the best bottom firmer:

– Start on all fours, then bring one knee into the chest and kick it back, keeping the leg parallel to the floor, foot pointed and above hip level, and repeat. If you don’t have time or feel lazy, if there is one exercise to do, this is this one.

– Another good exercise, lie one one side, hip level, legs straight. With feet flexed, slowly raise the lower the top leg, making sure the ankles touch when the top leg lowers.

– And finally, lie on your back, propped up on your elbows with one leg bent, then raise and lower the other straight leg, point the foot when lifting and flex it when lowering to fully work more muscles.

Another very good DVD to pratice this type of exercises, is Yogalates 6 For Weight Loss [DVD] which incorporate pilates, yoga and dance, the secrets for a lean and toned body.

My tip, which a pro tip too, slow down your movements. Fast movements relies more on momentum than muscle effort. Slow movements help to get those lean, feminine muscles.

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French Weight-loss tips

French Weight-loss tips: The French women secrets slimming products are now available in the UK at an affordable price, so I won’t have to buy them as and when I am going to France.

French Weight-loss tips, Oenobiol tablets. They are French women secret to slim and stay slim. My colleagues and friends always ask me how I can stay slim when eating so much…first yes I eat a load but always follow my rules, and I have my yearly weight loss tips ritual. Used by many French Women, they are the French weight loss tips, and my favorite pink tablets.

My friends always ask for my French weight loss tips, here they are:-

Oenobiol Body Shaper is part of my yearly routine, during 2 months, usually after Christmas or Easter (I cannot resit chocolate). They are combining CLA, chromium and amino acid, tested scientifically, they help reduce localized body fat on your stomach and lose inches off my waist.

During summer, if I have any visible cellulite left before the beach days, two month in advance I have a cure of Oenobiol Cellulite – Diet. These pink tablets are wonderful, they help smooth cellulite and reduce orange peel aspect. I have been using them for years, they are my best beach friends, together with Oenobiol Tan Enhancer Intensive. Oenobiol Tan helps prepare my skin from the inside to help it tan better and preserving its youthfulness. So I am slim and tan rather than ashamed and burnt.

During my holidays and summer to have refined and streamlined legs, I take Oenobiol Aquadraining 2X60 tablets. They contain extract of grape seeds which helps to maintain the quality of the vessels and reduce the feeling of swollen legs due to excess water. I really feel the difference. On the evening, I am not swallowed, my legs say thank you and me too. I can wear a nice dress and look fresh and slim.

Finally, when I fail to follow my rules I use Lipobind – Clincally Proven Fat Binder tablets. Not French, so what.

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Carla Bruni beauty secrets

Carla Bruni beauty secrets. As promised Petite Chipie shares with you the secret of French women secrets.

Carla Bruni beauty secrets is the first of First of French women secrets.

Carla Bruni is a devotee of Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Inspired by the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, this treatment smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance.

This product is for all skin lacking radiance. For an anti-dullness complexion, ideal for smokers. It is just magical, apply it between your foundation and powder to perfectly set makeup. It makes an huge difference.

Carla Bruni loves this product. I read she even personally called the company’s founder to rave about it.

Caudalie, this is the story of a discovery: grape seeds. Thus Caudalie was born and is the wine therapy. She is the daughter of an owner of the Bordeaux wine (vintage Graves) who with her husband creates Caudalie. Their mission is to formulate products from research on natural products in the greatest respect for the skin and the environment.

They are among the first laboratories to use a natural rather synthetic preservative paraben based products …… and that’s great!!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir is based on a six centuries old recipe. The story said,  it was given to Dona Izabella, Queen of Hungary, then aged 72, by a hermit. Thanks to this preparation, she healed and she covered her strength. She even claims that the King of Poland have wanted to marry her, lovely!

The original formula was to macerate 600 g of rosemary flowers in one liter of alcohol at 90  degres in a glass bottle and to exposure it to the sun for 5 to 6 weeks. In the meantime, you were supposed to stir the mixture every morning and evening. After this time, you could proceed by filtering through a fine cotton cloth.

But since I do not have time or inclination to get into the manufacture of this magic potion, I buy Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It is made of natural ingredients: grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint, rosemary. I use Beauty Elixir as a pre-application for the Serum and Day Cream SPF10 .

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French Doctor Love tips for dates?

This week in the French Grazia, Doctor Love, gave its recipe for to seduce a man during a first date.

French Doctor love tips for dates is based on the study of 437 men (theoretically French) and issued a non exhaustive list of behaviours which are “clinically” prove to stimulate men.

Now, to me it is really obsolete and prosaic. Woman smile, but not too much, express your cleverness and success but not too much in case…and above all flatter me, adore me…of course we want to adore you and admire you dealing! but with reciprocity! This “French Doctor love tips” reminds me of an extract from the manual good wife’s guide, from the 60s!
Anyway, this may be because Chipie is a rebel in the soul, because reality is I have indeed noticed that this list of behaviours pleasing our men ego, is true:

– Laughing loudly: 3.4%

– Shy smile: 78%

– Fiddling your hair: 66.4%

– Looking at him with admiration: 97.9% (really?)

– Compliment him about his cleverness or strength: 51%

– Compliment him about his clothes or haircut: 24%

– Professional Conceit: 29%

– Embarrassed silence: 53%

– Funny jokes: 32%

– Not so funny jokes: 32%

– Laughing at his jokes: 98%

– Gently touching his forearm: 89%

– Erotic confessions: 11%

– Familial confessions: 7%

– Clumsiness (shaking, blushing,…): 72%

– Clumsiness due to alcohol: 14%

– Pay the bill: 12%

A little food for thoughts…

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