New Year, new you, recycle your wardrobe!!!

Happy New year, chipies!!!

New year, new you, time to review our wardrobes!!! you may have plenty of fabulous clothes that you never wear, but find really hard to give to a charity shop. Here is a solution sale them online, and you may also find your dream shoes online at a very acceptable price!!!

Chipie uses two websites, one French link Vestiaire de copines where I bought a fabulous pair of Prada shoes, second-hand yes but hardly worn at all, and at a price I would never have found elsewhere, except maybe on an Italian market, but then if I had the cost of travelling…In fact, this site is great as they select, check all items for you so this is an additional security when buying, although quite annoying when you want to sale. They are quite fussy with the quality of pictures, and price. They are remunerated on commission on each sale, and they are quite greedy which means that you have to reduce your expected price. This is fine if it sales well, and I am testing I have put a few pair of shoes to sale on their site and I will find out how it goes. In the meantime, they offer free shipping with the code shown in their New Year Card, FDP2012, why not having a look?!

As I disagreed with one of their proposed price for one of my pair of shoes, and they decline a few brands. Therefore, I have been hunting for similar sites, and I found an English site, more recent I think as there aren’t yet that many items for sales. Yet I gave a go, it is buyMYheels

The testimonials are great and I have just put a pair of shoes for sales…I cannot wait to see how it goes and, I will let you know. It is very easy to use and cheap only £2 by article, plus of course the shipping cost.

So! Chipies if you have clothes and shoes, you don’t wear and are in excellent conditions why no selling them and make some cash for a fresh wardrobe?


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  1. Yvonne Olman says:

    Great tips Chipie!
    Now I just have to resist replacing the sold shoes with new ones! 🙂

  2. Chipie says:

    Thanks Yvonne, good luck with your sales! and just don’t look at the buy button!!!!

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