Models’ body secret before a bikini photo shoot

Models’ body secret before a bikini photo shoot, James Duigan shared a top model secret to look fabulous for a bikini photo shoot!

He shared in an interview that a lots of his model clients take an Epsom salts bath just before a bikini photo shoot.

Just add one or two mugs of Epsom salts  to a hot bath. Epsom salts are an ancient remedy for drawing out toxins. Taking one or two of these baths a week will speed up your weight loss.

If it is good for a model, it must be good for us too!!! I made my researched and found that they are called Epsom salts because of the town of Epsom in England where this salt was harvested. Overall, it helps our body function like clockwork. This is because Epsom salt baths can regulate enzyme activity in our body. Our skin is able to absorb magnesium while soaking in an Epsom salt bath. This means that we receive a good supply of it while relaxing. After all, many among us are deficient in magnesium, and we don’t even know it. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include arthritis, unnatural stress levels, fatigue and heart disease among others. It can also help bolster our intestinal walls. And you can buy EPSOM SALTS here and it is quite cheap!

I bought mine and I will try tonight, I cannot wait!

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