Love, to celebrate my new page, I offer you to listen again John Paul Young, great song Love Is In The Air (1978), enjoy chipies a little happiness, a ray of sunshine in a very grey day!!!

Love is a page to find a hug when you need it, to share with your love ones, to find inspirations, and ideas for Christmas presents

A new page on love, because a page of love for me is also a page of beauty and elegance. You can find this very “blue flower” … a French expression to say naive, romantic … but I say why not, if beauty is naive then yes, if love is naive then yes, if love Listening the birds singing, if being moved by a sunset or the birth of a child is naive, so yes and yes!

Because in the tumult of life we forget to listen, we forget what we really love … and we forget to be us to adhere to the dictates of a society based on money and status…

Love begins with loving yourself, it is essential to be comfortable, and therefore elegant. Lack of confidence is a poison. There are many books, websites, songs and films on the subject, and I share with you a few of my favorites.

I absolutely love the film by Luc Besson, one of France’s best film directors Angel-A [DVD] [2006] A beautiful film about love, self-esteem, the society … Jamel Debbouze (Andre) and Rie Rasmussen (Angel-A), the two main roles play with perfection a sort of the “Beauty and the Beast” of modern times. It is in black and white, but the shades of grey makes the film even more poetic and romantic. The film pictures the most beautiful areas of Paris, and it catches the light in Paris at early hours.

Untouchable, a wonderful film on difference, true compasion. A sad theme, but the film is really funny, and you will feel more open to other after seeing it.

The artist, again a truly great film, but with all its rewarding, do I need to say more?

A film to share with those you love, a superb gift.

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