Leather jacket

Leather jacket is a must have, so do not hesitate, it is timeless and will always give you that little rock and roll chic touch!

You will keep your leather jacket for ages, so choose it well, it takes time. I have had mine for over 10 years, and friends complimented me about it and how elegant I looked. Why? because I felt so comfortable I was wearing my favorite Levis 501, the best straight pair of jeans, a back cashmire pullover and black leather ankle boots…simple.

Leather jackets is easy to wear with trousers, a skirt or dress, a leather jacket add a touch of rock’n roll to your look. This versatile style makes the perfect partner to anything from off-duty jeans to sweeping maxi dresses too. 

 A smart leather jacket just become indispensable. 

Leather jackets available online at a bargain price at the moment:




Now my favorite, as the most elegant, the leather tuxedo and blazers, they are fabulous. They look both elegant and rock n’roll, perfect, my dreams:

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