Black dresses

Black dresses, or LBD a must have, what is yours?

Black dresses or LBD as the fashion world affectionately calls it, are one of the wardrobe essentials, again I know I show Audrey Hepburn because she is the quintessence of elegance, and some say that if the LBD existed before her, the movie “Sabrina” and particularly “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” really launched it.

Yet the little black dress comes in many versions, depending on the occasion, your age, your mood …so choose the one you really like. My selection from affordable, mid price to luxury…remember elegance is not about price, yes quality of material is great to have if you can afford it. I used to wear quite cheap clothes because I couldn’t afford better, and yet with the right cut, I always had success. Now I am more mature, materials are more important, but it is only in my eyes?

1. Audrey Hepburn style dress at a very affordable price.Now, for a quick order prior to an evening, you can order on Amazon, there have some great LBD, and below is chipies selection:-

2. A beautiful dress that you would think is coming from LK. Bennett, very elegant and ideal both for work and evenings.

3. A sexy pencil dress, for a killer look at the office or for parties, will you dare?

4. Esprit LBD, very a brand French love, very Carla Bruni.

5. The long dress for formal evenings, so elegant.

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  1. aurelia says:

    not suprise at all you use the photo of Audrey Hepburn

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