Belts, so feminine

Belts, so feminine. As in the header and in the picture picture below a belt highlights your waist. What is more feminine than women waist, they are the sign of fecundity and eroticism…belts are silhouette-defining pieces.

Belts, so feminine, so show your waist, show your forms, all women have something beautiful to highlight. If you have waist, show it! My advice, invest in quality belts, you will keep them for ages…as far as you don’t put on weight, as a belt showing various marks don’t look too good. So in fact, as your favorite pair of jeans, belts are a very good indicator of how your figure evolve, if they get to tight…well you know what to do, if you need a little help go to my page slim .

As shoes, belts give to other an indication of who you are, discrete, bold, elegant,… I love outfits highlighted with belts, they add chic and fun twist on a traditional wardrobe staple. So don’t compromise with quality, belts have to be in leather. Details in the belt make all the difference, for example a belt featuring a flat bow detail, with python-effect leather, with embellishments, or a flamboyant color (matching your shoes would be my choice). You can also wear it with a knot in order to add more creativity and personality, as in my header. My selection for you, from online shops:

 Thin belts are perfect for adding an elegant and feminine edge to coats, knitwear, and jackets.

 Color belts are great to dark color-block outfits.

 Varnish belts Sleek patent belt are great on black outfit, extremely chic and elegant, especially with a sleek black detail on the shoes.

 Animal-print belt add a hint of opulence to a simple, color-block outfit.

 Large Belts, corset belt are the quintessence of femininity, dare wearing them, they are fabulous.

 Brand belts, many of us love brands, they are a statement of our position in the society, unfortunately too many people will judge you on the brand of your clothes, shoes, bags…which is not right. In the meantime, brands are also a guarantee of quality. They work with talented creator who design for use models perfectly structured, using fabrics and craftsman of exception. If the brands are a sign of quality, I do not particularly like to display their logos, the logo mania is anti chic, in fact, not very much to my taste. But it’s up to me. Now, here are a few belts, I wouldn’t mind in my wardrobe at all!

 Chain belts, they are so chic on a black dress or trouser.

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