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Be chic, many of us want to be chic, yet many of us commit faults of taste, small errors that get to ruin our image and style. The Chipies have done some work for you and provide a list of errors to avoid: the do’s and don’ts to be chic.


Be chic, do not forget to remove the labels of your shoes soles, for some reason this is the first things people will spot and retain of your look. Peel them off immediately, as its more difficult to get rid of them once you’ve worn it. Goo Gone Cleaning Liquid  is great to remove all marks.

Avoid  tights with open shoes, especially with reinforced toes, as well as with black tights on light colour shoes.  You could also try the new toeless tights, these seem to be the new must have, they are also available at boots. Why not trying?

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Do not wear skinny or slim trousers with flat shoes except if you have long and thin legs, as the mix of flats and slim makes your legs look shorter! It is unfair, but this is unflattering to certain built. But slims with heels look sexy, your legs look longer and slimmer.

Do not show bra’s straps, there are now many options, for plunging decollete Deep Plunge Bra Low Back Bra,  for racer bra Caraselle Bra Converter Clips are a great quick fix solution, and it is cheap. Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra is another great option.


Be chic @

Be chic, is not necessarily being sexy. Do wear wide trousers with ballet pumps, they work well, regardless of your shape. Remember the trousers shouldn’t be too large otherwise you will look shorter and larger! Wide trouvers look great with a short top, as it structures the general allure, as Audrey Hepburn in the picture right.

A high waisted trouser creates a elongated, elegant silhouette. They are very flattering and feminine. If you are petite, wearing them with high heels will make you look taller. With wide legs, pointy shoes look better. The legs can be fluid and large which is better if you have forms.

A little help

There are fabulous books to help you, we like The Busy Girls’ Guide to Looking Great.

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