How to dress

How to dress,  a big dilemma. For most of us, knowing what to choose with so much choice in shops or so few in our wardrobe is daunting.

How to dress, there are many books about style and chic. The French chipies provide you with links above, but Chipies have done some work for you. We share links on the “must buys” and essential wardrobe feature, so how to dress becomes easy. You will find tips and hints, on how to dress and build the perfect timeless and always sophisticated basic wardrobe for every season.

Chipies are French, so of course our inputs have a French touch. French and, particularly Parisians have this “je ne sais quoi”  and they naturally know how to dress. So we share with you their secrets which make the difference, as well as Paris fashion of the season.

Chipies also leave in London, and therefore have a huge English influence. English women know how to dress, so we also share with you my findings in the street of London as well as in English magazines.

Every season, there are certain looks for you, almost every trend has a subtle and stylish alternative. Always go for a wise take to ensure you will keep the most beautiful and expensive pieces in your wardrobe for ages.

For bolder and ultra fashionable looks, we would tend to buy cheap clothes and accessories, as they will become unfashionable very quickly. So keep your money for minimalist and simple clothes that you will be able to wear for ages and will be your wardrobe basics, opt for clean pieces in solid-colour.  You will be able to mix smart and minimalist clothes with sexy, glitzy and cheap high street accessories and pieces.

Chipies are also embracing the approach to personal shopping. We help many of our friends to build their wardrobe, or to find the best use of their wardrobe. Feel free to ask how to dress!

Enjoy clothing in style Chipies!



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