How to dress for Royal Ascot

 How to dress for Royal Ascot

How to dress for Royal Ascot, Royal Ascot has tightened up its dress code this year so ladies visiting the Royal Enclosure must be wise and not show too much flesh. Well, it is noted if you want to see the pictures published by the daily mail for ideas, here is the link.

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Or have a look at Vogue, our best loved magazine: New Ascot Rules ELLA ALEXANDER 18 January 2012 5 comments ROYAL Ascot is tightening its dress code by offering new guidelines for those attending the annual summer event. The new rules are intended to clear up any “misunderstanding of what constitutes appropriate attire for this formal occasion”.

How to dress doe Royal Ascot, this year is strict, so dress wisely, a few of us, dared bold outfit in the past, colourful multi-colored dresses and really regretted it on the day. So, if this year is stricter choose your dress appropriately or you may regret it during the day, even if not in the Royal Enclosure.

How to dress for Royal Ascot in 2012,  our advice, go for structured cut and plain colours.   Be careful with graphic pattern like in the picture left, it is very difficult to wear, it may look suberb when you try it, but are you confortable walking around all day wearing it.

So if it is great for a photo-shoot less for a day a Royal Ascot. Our classical selection:


This year the 50’s style is perfect. Black and white is a great mix, you cannot go wrong with it, and it is timeless.  So if you wonder how to dress for Royal Ascot, a White Polka dot dress is a great option, we love the Audrey Hepburn 50s Black & White Polka Dot Swing Dress  on Amazon, it is very elegant and flattering on any figure,in addition it is affordable. Wear it with black Long gloves, it is the quintessence  of elegance.

If you want to be noticed, the best option is to choose a bold hat. At Royal Ascot hats are a must have and they range from the  most bizarre to the most beautiful. But usually, the more outrageous the better.

Royal Ascot fun fascinators, they are the most eye catching:

Royal Ascot Classic fascinator; a quite safe option:

Royal Ascot hats; a selection of elegant or bold, make your statement!

For a last minute buy for Royal Ascot hat, shops are useless, as all hats are gone and you may end-up either paying an awful amount of money or choose something you don’t really like. Then, Amazon is a great option, here are our choices:

Ladies we hope this is helpful and you have fab day.

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