French Doctor Love tips for dates?

This week in the French Grazia, Doctor Love, gave its recipe for to seduce a man during a first date.

French Doctor love tips for dates is based on the study of 437 men (theoretically French) and issued a non exhaustive list of behaviours which are “clinically” prove to stimulate men.

Now, to me it is really obsolete and prosaic. Woman smile, but not too much, express your cleverness and success but not too much in case…and above all flatter me, adore me…of course we want to adore you and admire you dealing! but with reciprocity! This “French Doctor love tips” reminds me of an extract from the manual good wife’s guide, from the 60s!
Anyway, this may be because Chipie is a rebel in the soul, because reality is I have indeed noticed that this list of behaviours pleasing our men ego, is true:

– Laughing loudly: 3.4%

– Shy smile: 78%

– Fiddling your hair: 66.4%

– Looking at him with admiration: 97.9% (really?)

– Compliment him about his cleverness or strength: 51%

– Compliment him about his clothes or haircut: 24%

– Professional Conceit: 29%

– Embarrassed silence: 53%

– Funny jokes: 32%

– Not so funny jokes: 32%

– Laughing at his jokes: 98%

– Gently touching his forearm: 89%

– Erotic confessions: 11%

– Familial confessions: 7%

– Clumsiness (shaking, blushing,…): 72%

– Clumsiness due to alcohol: 14%

– Pay the bill: 12%

A little food for thoughts…

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