Feel like summer

Feel like summer, where is summer, we want to feel the caress of the sun on our skin, gently tanning, soft legs under our skirts, men look on our fresh flesh. Sun is not here, never mind, let’s create its feeling.

Around us people are tired and moody lacking the rejuvenating sun, yet we see lovely girls daring a short skirt showing off their tanned legs, and we want the same! Isn’t it true that sometime forcing happiness and faking a tan make us feel so much better. So if the sun is not here, we want to be tanned, and feel pretty.

So if you fell like summer and, for a warm sun-kissed face, Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder gives skin a natural bronzed look, it provides a nice radiant glow. For a natural effect, apply it over areas where the sun naturally hits, like cheekbones, temples, nose, brow-bone, forehead and chin. In France, the most successful sun-kiss powder is Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising and Long Lasting Bronzing Powder. A much cheaper, and brilliant option is L’OREAL GLAM BRONZE MINERAL BRONZING POWDER WITH BRUSH, non only it is cheap but it is a mineral powder.

Now, it is fabulous to be tan, it feels so much better. Although some of us, really suffer from the lack of sun, and badly feel like summer. Reduced sunlight may cause low mood and energy levels, light is a natural element essential to feel positive, and it the moment we really struggle. So, if you can afford a break abroad in the sun sun, fab, otherwise and before feeling very low, investing in a light lamp is a great solution. You can feel the benefits of light therapy within a few days, with as little as 15-45 minutes of use a day.SAD Light Box – 10,000 lux – Medically Certified – Seasonal Affective Disorder is brilliant, it sounds very dramatic, but it is great, you don’t need to feel depressed to use it. It is affordable and it works.

For those who not only feel like summer but struggle in the morning, the alarm clock option is ideal, a few chipies use Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 Wake-up Light Alarm Clock.

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