Elegance, elegance ahhh, but what it is elegance? elegance is above all respect for self and others. Elegance derives from the way of being. It is not only a good taste in clothing, but also and perhaps above all, a distinction in the language and style, the way you treat yourself and other.

The elegance, I think it is also to be comfortable, ease of movement, self-confidence. Feel good in your clothes it is essential! We all are beautiful! yes all, we are all feminine, small, tall, skinny, big, all!

In terms of clothing, elegance is avoiding mistakes, the lack of taste, wrong shoes, bright colors that erase our personality. These lack of taste, the other sees them, and they identify you like them! Some hide behind them, or ignore then, sometimes in the name of the rebellion, rebellion or lack of personality, self-confidence?

This is not to be a bourgeois, a snob, or a granny chic, not to dress up, it is feeling good! and you can get it!

Elegance is not boring, on the contrary, elegance can be rock, cool, bohemian, sports … and even punk, yes, I said punk!

Elegance is simplicity, a magifique balance between materials, cut, color, … simple lines, simple but certainly studied, a chic that seems easy and that requires effort invisible to others, knowledge of materials and cuts, clothes that blend … but remember simplicity is key.

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