Christmas confidence

Christmas confidence, have you ever felt slightly weird wearing your party dress. What most wonderful but think that with or without that dress you will look fabulous?

Christmas confidence, both to ensure you are not the next Bridget Jones ending up with your dream man in horrible pants, but rather wearing “dessous”, which will drive him literary crazy. Wearing fab underwear, make you feel sexier, stronger, and this will show all evening. You will look more confident and appealing, you will have this “je ne sais quoi”

Christmas confidence is about underwear secrets and ideas. Under your little back dress, why not wearing a fabulous nightgown like this Chemise Nightgown with Lace. You then know that if your dress slip you won’t end up showing anything embarrassing but your gorgeous nightgown which to be honest could be a cheeky party dress, for more ideas look at the boudoir section.

Instead of looking for suitable bra for your dress why not looking for a corset like this Illusion Cami Set, or even a push-up corset . They are just the perfect secret weapon. Perfect for both a push-up bra and flattering your waist, plus you can wear an open back dress.  We love these little Christmas confidence, our little secrets. There are so many options, just think outside the box.

Nothing better than letting him peeling your dress, nightgown off, mystery is the female weapon use it, he will remember it forever.



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