Chipie’s slimming plan!!!

Chipie’s slimming plan!!!

Petite Chipie has been naughty during Christmas period and now has to workout to reduce the disastrous results of a delicious meals made of “foie gras”, chocolate, puddings…and of course no workout, holiday period, laziness.

Chipie is now weighting 56.5 kilos or 124.3 lbs, instead of 55 kilos or 121 lbs, and doesn’t look very fit at all!!!! So to get rid of the enemies cellulite and general overweight.

I started started again my routine:-

 First I follow my own advises and every morning I use my Elemis Skin Brush, expensive but my body worth it especially when spring will come sooner that expected and I want to be ready for the fab little skirts!

Secondly, instead of taking the bus, I walk to the tub station, never mind the weather, I put my trainers on, my fab shoes in a light bag, and off I go, I don’t wait for the bus (which I had to wait for ages…), I save money and I get fab legs…

Thirdly, I DO use my Elemis Skin Brush every evenings!

and finally I apply my new slimming cream Revitol-Cellulite Reduction Solution,
I tried it this morning for the first time, first good new it doesn’t smell anything! secondly it penetrate the skin immediately, it is not sticky and doesn’t leave any residues. This is all bonuses although I wouldn’t have mind a nice smell…now day one, let’s see the most important, does it work? I will let you know soon!

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