Chipie’s slimming plan 10 days on

Chipie’s slimming plan 10 days on!!

Ok 10 days on, every morning I use my Elancyl Slimming Massage Shower Glove, walking not every morning due to bad weather but I do over the weekend, and using Elemis Skin Brush every evenings!

And appling my new slimming cream Revitol Cellulite Cream …verdict? Hurrahs, victory I can see the difference, really!

 My legs are much smoother, cellulite is far less visible! and I can see my waist bones!!!! Ok I don’t yet look like this picture but I am getting much closer!!! Now I really believe that my new slimming cream works, ok it doesn’t smell great but it penetrates very quickly, and it doesn’t feel colod like other creams do, and I really appreciate it when it is cold… I also found a much cheaper option buying then by 3, Revitol Cellulite Cream (3 Bottles)

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