Underwear oh lala

Underwear oh lala, we are all crazy for underwear

Underwear, secret, sexy, elegant … an element of well being. I feel much more sure of myself when I wear underwear chic! don’t you? then follow me, … shhh…

There are so many brands, styles, and prices. So finding you perfect underwear can be daunting, especially when trying to find the perfect on for a dress or top.

I am trying to help you, and I share my findings, error and successes. Please do the same, so we can all enjoy it and avoid a big day misery.

 Jean-Paul Gaultier met with the gorgeous underwear brand La Perla, the result? very oh la la, a dream.

underwear We all remember Jean Paul Gaultier’s talent to dress Madonna, and many other, we all know his Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume For Women a sumptuous flagrance draped in the shape of a women’s bust, and how he dared calling a collection x collection and how in all cases he managed a sexy yet sophisticated render. JP Gaultier has this unique talent to make you look sexy without vulgarity, and it is part of his magic!

Now, his creations for La Perla are very sexy, but also very romantic, somehow sweet, how does he manage to use leather and lace without falling in the vulgar? I don’t know but the result is both romantic and sexy, an incredible mix, perhaps due to his special eye, his increadible talent and his professionalism. Just have a look at this, but of course, quality and JP Gaultier have a price, the price of a piece you will keep for life, just click here

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