Home-spa, many of us dream of spending a week in a spa, why not pampering yourself at home.

spa @ http://petitechipie.co.uk Home-spa is great, especially when you are tired and moody. In winter, when it is dark and cold, it drags our mood down. Home-spa is a great way to feel quickly better. Run a bath, surround yourself with candles, relaxing music, candels and your favorite magazines.  Nothing like a good home-spa to perk up our body and mind!

You only need a few products to relax and feel fantastic.

spa @ http://petitechipie.co.uk

For a great home-spa, the famous Phytomer Oligomer Bath is ideal, this product has been the subject of recent scientific studies that have shown that with two baths a week for 20 minutes a month, there is a 50% decrease in fatigue, improved mood and a 40% reduction in muscle tension, even your skin looks better!

It is an ideal moment to have a scrub with Dead Sea Salt Brushing . A chipie discovered the benefits of sea salt from the Dead Sea at the Monte Carlo Thermes Marins where she had a peel Sea scrub. After this treatment, her skin was fabulously soft and smooth. When she joined us for a cocktail, we were astonished to see how radiant she was.

So we have searched a similar result, and we have found the equivalent: Dead Sea Spa Magik. A superb product that remove dead skin cells, it is hydrating and Nourishing, it Improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body and cellulite reducer bonus! This product leaves your skin soft, supple and absolutely irresistible.

Bodyism @ http://petitechipie.co.uk

James Duigan who created the Bodyism method said that ” lots of my model clients take an Epsom salts bath just before a bikini photo shoot. Just add one or two mugs of Epsom salts (available at most pharmacies) to a hot bath … Taking one or two of these baths a week will speed up your weight loss.” Having read this and seeing Christiane Duigan recommendations, we bought Epsom Salts and we must say my body truly appreciate this treatment.

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