Botox or intox

Botox or intox. chipies, what do you think of botox?

When we see all the celebrities claiming they don’t do botox. We doubt it, how at more than 40 years old you look like a 28 years old? When you read their interviews, they claim, they sleep well, have a good diet and life balance.  Well, this is not always the case. When we see Kate Moss life style and how fresh she looks, we wonder what are her real secrets.

Celebrities may deny doing anything at all, but it is often obvious. Mr Spock effect (isn’t it Scotty ?). Except for the happy few who just look gorgeous for their age. So how do they do it ?

Having botox is a secret many celebrities take to the grave. Only a few celebrities have finally admitted to having Botox injections. Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue have openly admitted to using Botox it seems other celebs are following her lead.

Many are scared, even horrified, but my of us would love to do it fact. We are scared to end up with a frozen face, expression less and looking very fake.

We must say we are very lucky, we found a wonderful Doctor. He is one of the specialist of the “baby botox”, meaning we look younger, fresher and certainly not “botoxed”. We can smile, express my mood, frown…many people think we are much younger, but none of them guess we do botox, they just ask what cream we use! Now as we promised to you chipies we would share our secrets with you, our fabulous magic results Doctor is there.

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