Beautiful nails

Beautiful nails, elegance and luxury, anti bling-bling, the majority of French chic is simplicity.

Beautiful nails are an essential part of seduction. French manicured hand and nail varnish have to be perfect. We start with a must have product:- Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme. It is a clear nail polish which dry in the blink of an eye for a quick adjustment and magnificent result. I discovered this great product thanks to Ines de la Fressange, the fabulous French model, a model of class and elegance.

Ines published a book, a mini bible of French class, a great guide to “Parisian chic”, although of course Ines doen’t give all her secrets…and I found this product in one of her interview in a famous French magazine.

I want to share with you my latest finding about beautiful nails on a French blog:- Womum . A gorgeous nail polish transforms the perception you have of yourself, transform your image and you become suddenly fashionable! Womum tried the famous polish that Essie took 30 years to come to us.

After the disappointment with the brand I * O, Womum ended up testing the brand Essie. Well this year very good surprise! “Slippery as silk and tough as steel, it is considered as the best nail polish on the market. A myth is born.” The hair brush adapts to the shape of the nail, the top is held without top coat (days without flaking), and the palette of 90 colors are amazing.

My choices, Essie Nail Polish Ole Caliente , as far as going bold and choosing a red, then go for a fabulous bright, yet elegant and sophisticated red.

Hey, Kate Middleton has been named the most stylish woman in the world by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar! Her subtle elegance and innate grace earned her all these honors. Duchess of Cambridge used essie Nail Colors Allure for her wedding, you can not go wrong with this choice! what beautiful nails!

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