Smooth and soft legs

Smooth and soft legs,  we have found the perfect products to have the legs as smooth and soft as Jennifer Aniston.

Smooth and soft legs are so feminine, In fact, Jennifer Aniston has some of the best celebrities’ legs.

Legs @ have dreamed of the same smooth and soft legs for ages. We tried many products without success until we found This Works Enjoy Multi-Tasking Lotion .  This cream is the one of the best for flawless legs.

Jennifer has quite tanned legs which definitely helps.   So for a natural tan result we choose This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan ; and at a more affordable price, Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion.

To be tanned nothing is better than a natural tan, chipies love Biocyte Solar Extrême, you can buy it on Amazon France, it is easy.

Legs @

A chipie discovered the brand “this works” at the gym, she told us very amused by her story that she was in the locker room sitting next to a pretty woman who who was dispensing cream on her legs and, what legs, superb! smooth, soft, perfect! So, quite boldly, our chipie has asked her what product she was using. She said a little crumpled “this works”, obviously chipie did not understand right away that this is the brand name. Anyway, she had a closer look at the product, and spotted it was called This Works Enjoy Multi-Tasking Lotion . Of course, she immediately wanted to buy it. But she has struggled to find it. Good news we found it and share the links above.

It smells wonderful and it leaves your legs smooth and without imperfections. Since then, we have also tried This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil , and it is fantastic, we are not the only ones who think This works, really does work.

Now, This works products are quite expensive, between £25 and £38, so we have also looked at budget creams. French magazine Biba has elected Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Treatment Lotion one of the best lotion for dry legs and it is cheap at around £12. Chipies also love Eucerin Dry Skin Bath & Shower Therapy 20% Omega with Natural Oils, it is perfect for a daily use and it leaves your skin  soothed and moisturized. It only costs £7 for 200 ml.


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