Shower legs massage

 Shower legs massage, a secret weapon to have beautiful legs.

Shower legs massage reactive the circulation, it stimulates, drains and firms your legs. It really helps starting the day feeling great!

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Shower legs massage provides great sensation, it is like a “good morning” to your body!  It wakes up your blood and lymphatic circulation, which is a great way to eliminate fat.

Sometime you are in hurry and,  you think you don’t have the time, or you can’t be asked.

So, to avoid the catch of laziness, hurry or whatever excuse, kill tow birds with one stone! Do it in the shower!

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There are only a few products available. Elancyl Massage glove is the most popular in France. It contains caffeine, which favors the destocking of fats. The effectiveness of shower gel Elancyl Activ Slimming Massage comes from its composition rich in caffeine that promotes elimination of fat, rich in pilosella to draining properties and other products that give more flexibility, firmness and tone to the skin.

By combining massage with the Elancyl Anti Cellulite Activ’slimming Massage Gel , you will multiply the anti-cellulite, toning and firming results. The massage method developed by physiotherapists, specially adapted to reduce dimples and relieve the skin. It entails the use of a glove and a gel:

  • The glove is specially designed for a specific massage that stimulates the microcirculation, enhances cellular exchange, and excess water.
  • The gel helps firming and toning anti-cellulite agents.

This combination of glove, shower gel and massage will make your skin smooth, firm and more toned. It really helps getting rid of cellulite aspect…Hooray!

The problem is to find this product in London. You can buy it on Amazon, but it is expensive. Nevertheless, you will keep the glove for ages and once you have the glove, you can buy refills that are more affordable. The Elancyl Anti Cellulite Activ’slimming Massage Gel for Shower Refill  goes for at least two months, you don’t need to use too much product for a shower.

A cheaper alternative is SLIM EXTREME MASSAGE SHOWER GEL which cost around £12.

This product is from Eveline Cosmetics which  received Cosmopolitan magazine price of beauty in 2011 for one of their creams. See link slimming creams that work.

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To benefit from similar massage benefits as the Elancyl massage glove you can use this Detox Body Brush with Massage Nodules at around £7, so a much cheaper option.

One Chipie uses this brush and she prefers it to the Elancyl one, as it is softer, but still good against cellulite thanks to its nodules.

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