Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage, a superb way to get great legs. Gradually, the legs looks smoother and toner, and the visibility of cellulite reduces dramatically.

Lymphatic drainage are very popular in France, where it is quite easy to benefit from lymphatic drainage massage by a physiotherapist, and the results are amazing, your legs looked thinner and firmer. But it is costly so you can do it yourself.

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage which relieves the legs and thighs. It greatly help against lymphatic circulation problems and, it allows the lymph to flow freely. The appearance of the skin gradually changes and it becomes smoother and better irrigated.

Lymphatic drainage @

If you can afford lymphatic drainage do not hesitate, but it is a costly routine. So you can learn to do it yourself, it is quite simple, it won’t be the same as a professional massage, but it works. It helps your blood and lymphatic circulation and gain great legs, do a quick lymphatic drainage everyday (discipline is key)

Lymphatic drainage @ start, lie down legs resting on a wall. Then, begin to massage your legs with the fingertips. You don’t have to , the simple touch of the fingers is enough, it’s impressive! First massage from knee to upper thigh. Professionals explain that start with the thigh release the lymph channels that will be ready to receive the flow of lymph from the leg.

Then, treat lower leg in the same way, first by massaging on each side from the ankle to the knee, then behind, finally from the top of the feet to the knee. Repeat the process two times on each side, to reach a total of 3 massages. Proceed to the other leg.

When it is tingling and tickling delicious … you know your massage is effective.

Lymphatic drainage @ massage has a positive physical effect, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing puffiness caused by water retention, poor circulation or pregnancy. Lymphatic drainage massage has many other benefits. It boosts the immune system so, as well as helping the body ward off illness, treatment can facilitate general feelings of health and vitality.

To gain time, you may want to apply your cream while you massage your legs. It is a great way to make sure you use your slimming cream. For tips on slimming creams visit slimming creams that work,

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