Hair removal

Hair removal, it is a headache for many of us, so we have tested hair removal laser treatment at home and it works. Time to say goodbye to expensive salons, and hello to flawless legs.

Hair removal is a struggle with razors and hot wax hair removal, we all have had ingrown hairs and wax burn. Laser hair removal is the best option, many chipies did it at an horribly expensive cost, it worked but only for a little while.

 Hair removal @ is hair grow again, and for a definite result we would need to have another or more treatment, which is far too expensive and time consuming. So we want an easy and efficacious solution, and one chipie has bought and tested a small hair removal laser she can use at home, she has chosen the TRIA Hair Removal Laser, because it has the best results and it is safe. She is delighted with the results, we have tried it of course and we all want it, goodbye expensive salons, hello flawless legs.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser is a fantastic hair removal solution. It is small and easy to use. it takes about half an hour to do your lower legs. You have to charge the battery quite often (it takes about 2 hours). But it save you the time to go to a hair removal salon, wait and sit there for over 2 hours. Plus you can ensure you avoid your beauty spot. We have had the bad experience with beautician who just burnt our beauty spots, and they never come back.

So to say good-buy to beauticians,  to have forever flawless legs, to be liberated from shaving, waxing, stubble, razor burn and ingrown hair and save time and money it is a fantastic option. At petite chipie we definitely love it. It is an investment as it costs around £350, but is is much cheaper then laser hair removal in salon, and you can use it as and when you need it.

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