Body dry brushing

Body dry brushing a great weapon to combat cellulite and bulges

Body dry brushing have multiple benefits, it removes dead skin cells, so it helps to regenerate cells which improve greatly your skin aspect.

Beauty secrets @ important benefit, body dry brushing stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, this helps combat cellulite and bulges. The result is a silky smooth skin and a tonic body … plus, you feel so good after!

Body dry brushing can be aggressive for your skin, so the way you brush your legs is important. You don’t need to force, just brush as a caress, it is sufficient.

Always brush upwards, start from the toes to the buttocks. A little plus, set the foot on the edge of the bathtubs or bed, and straighten the leg. At first, the position is not easy, it pulls in the back of the leg, but it’s a excellent stretching which is one of the secrets for beautiful legs. In addition, it helps to reach a cellulite, and the massage is more effective.

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The choice of the brush is important,  Elemis Skin Brush is the best. Superb quality, plus it exfoliates like no other, and it minimizes visibility cellulite. It is quite expensive at around £20

A cheaper option is Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush, which cost around £7.

To finish the body dry massage effectively and to improve the work of drainage, apply a slimming gel or cream. Elemis Body Sculpting Firming System Duo or For more option by price range look at  slimming creams that work.

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If you dry brush your legs every day, and you maintain this routine, you will see the results quite quickly.

Your cellulite will be far less visible and your skin smoother. Remember consistency is key, so make sure you do it daily, or at least three times a week, and you will soon see the benefits of your new beauty routine. it only takes a few minutes.

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