Beautiful legs

Beautiful legs, soft and firm and obviously no visible cellulite. To have visible results, there are many solutions, and in fact the best is to mix them. Remember every little helps, so here are the simple steps you can take to have beautiful legs:

Beauty secrets @ number one cellulite, let’s be honest all women have cellulite, even the skinniest, and yes even the top models and stars. The difference is that you cannot see it, because they manage it, especially for catwalks and films. So if you can’t totally remove cellulite, you can reduce the orange skin aspect, it is difficult to achieve, but it is possible.

The best way to have beautiful legs is to massage them, to apply creams and to walk. Now our favorite celebrities and top models have special secrets too.

First how to massage your legs, there are many different ways:

Beauty secrets @ can massage your legs under the shower, this is the best option for those who don’t want to spent too much time in the bathroom,  shower legs massage is a great option as you can quite quickly and efficaciously massage your legs.

For the very active ones who like to be efficacious and active, Body dry brushing is great as you can feel the effect of the massage straight away.

Finally,  for a softer, yet very efficient approach the Lymphatic drainage is brilliant, it is a manual massage.

Beauty secrets @, applying slimming creams help too, it is a form of massage too and it is now recognised that slimming creams work. it was recognized by a French study. There are many creams available on the market and prices range greatly. In fact, l’oreal was one of the best, now the new version L’Oreal Perfect Firm Pro Intense Cellulite Massage System is very efficacious. The cream Eveline Cosmetics – Superconcentrated ANTI-CELLULITE SERUM x REDUCES & PREVENTS CELLULITE* received Cosmopolitan magazine price of beauty in 2011, definitly a good choice especially since it is quite cheap. For more option by price range look at  slimming creams that work,

Thirdly, walk. It boost your circulation, as well as tone and lean your legs, for more information look at the page just walk.

Now, of course, we have to have a balanced diet, so look at the column slim for advises to have a balance diet and find out what French women eat and how they stay slim.

Beauty secrets @

French love food complements, and there are many slimming tablets available on the market.

French tend to be fussy and we want to ensure they are safe and they work. Our favorite are Oenobiol Body Shaper . For more, look at weight loss tip.

Finally, models’ secret before a catwalk, so surely good for use in preparation to the beach, add one or two mugs of EPSOM SALTS to a hot bath.

Oh we almost forgot, that for hair less and hassle less legs, we have created a new page about hair removal.

So why not follow French beauty secrets, they work!

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    Voilà le vrai chic, partager ses secrets de beauté, ses adresses, son expérience… La parisienne se fait beaucoup d’amie ! Merci.

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