Dry hair treatment

If like some of us your hair have a tendency to dry on the length, we have a tip that works very well and it is very accessible in terms of both cost and use. The sweet almond oil, also known as organ oil, is a great product to treat dry hair. You can buy it pure, we love Fushi Organic Sweet Almond oil for example.

Yet, hairdressers have of course, fabulous hair, and they recommend Moroccan Oil 
, and this product helps eliminating this horrible aspect of straw and with this product your hair is smooth and shiny. Although for some of us this product grease hair, so we recommend using it if you have very dry hair or as a monthly treatment.

Another secret, try almond oil on your face, in fact you can use it  as a makeup remover, for the eyes too, it works very very well and the bonus is a beautiful skin in the morning with repulped skin, you look less tired, and it is noticeable … A Chipie was asked by a Dior seller for her secret to a beautiful skin!! Argan oil is on of the secret of Moroccan women…yet for your face prefer using L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil .

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