Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair; True ornament from the earliest times, it is considered a symbol of seduction in women. Blond or brunette, the most important is to have healthy and beautiful hair.

Like many women I dye my hair, but it damages them, too many aggressive chemicals. My hair suffer and they look dry and damaged. So I am hunting for the right products.

Recently in France, I had a Inoa colour hair dyeing. Inoa products are ammonia free and it is uses natural oils to protect your hair. I was seduced by the Inoa products, as they are enriched with argan oil (my favorite) and green tea extracts and developed to leave the hair feeling smoother and protected. I have decided to buy the Inoa Protective Shampoo, as well as the Inoa Protective Conditioner (I must say I am now quite annoyed as I paid them far more expensive in the salon than they are on my links…). I have used them twice now and I am delighted with the result. My hair look healthy and fuller, they are shiny and they don’t look dry as they used to after a hair dyeing.

I have also tried Phyto’s new PhytoKeratine range. For those unaware, Phyto began almost 50 years ago, they are environmentally friendly. It is a world-renown brand, and gave the likes of us quality and affordable hair treatments – numerous celebs and editors alike are huge fans the brand.

A little while ago, my hair weakened, so I tried Phyto PhytoKeratine Reparative Conditioning Treatment , it worked, but after a little while I was disappointed with the results. I think this treatment should be used time to time rather than as a daily routine. It contains an intra keratin fibre filler to help restore the inner hair substance, which leaves hair smoother and silkier. With this product my hair feel thoroughly pampered and recovered their gorgeous aspect, but only for a little while. So a good product to use may be once or two a month together with Phyto PhytoKeratine serum

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  1. womum says:

    Ok, allons y pour l’huile d’argan (bio !) et la kératine, tout est à essayer pour sauver sa crinière !

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