Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets

Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets remain well kept, and if you can find many tutorials on you tube, it is difficult to find out the actual products she was using. Here are a few findings.

Audrey Hepburn beauty secrets are made of quite simple things, and most products she was using are still available in new versions of course but we have tested a few and we love them.

audrey-hepburn-hair @ always had very shinny hair. She said she was washing them every five days, although she was told to wash them everyday while screening.

She was using a special shampoo from London Philip Kingsley. They are available online and we love the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo.

For her skin, Audrey Hepburn beauty secret was using Dr. ERNO LASZLO creams.  That was about it for her daily face care, nothing magical. We like ERNO LASZLO Hydraphel Skin Supplement.

audrey hepburn eye

longcilscakeFor her wonderful eyes, Audrey’s wonder product was the Longcils Boncza. Design in the 50’s for theater and cinema. Audrey and Marilyn Monroe were fond of it. We all want to try it! An alternative option is this Block Mascara.

Audrey Hepburn scarfAnother easy Audrey Hepburn beauty secret was her ability to create elegant looks with a simple scarf. When she moved to London with her mother, they did not have money and she used one colorful scarf to make a new outfit every day. For ideas Audrey Hepburn inspired Head Scarf Photo Album  is great.

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