A little help for our diet

A little help for our diet. Ok the whether really does not help us to stay healthy and focused on our bikini body, yet summer is here. We usually have barbecue and live on salads at this time of the year, but not this year. So here are the Chipies favorite cook books to be happy and healthy.

So, a little help for our diet is needed, we need inspiration for healthy and colourful meals,  when our body is still crying for fatty hot diner with this whether. So let’s enter the sun in our life through the kitchen, it is proven colourful food is good for our health and certainly our mood!

So, a little help for our diet may come from inspiring cook books. Let’s travel the world (south of course), let’s go to Greece and discover their delicious meals full of sun and healthy, Food From Many Greek Kitchens. Then, of course, we have to investigate the fabulous savory Italian food and have fun with Two Greedy Italians. And of course, let’s look at the famous French recipes, a “lighter” version, The Skinny French Kitchen.

If you are looking for healthy and slim recipes, we love the Clean & Lean Diet: Your Best-ever Body with foreword by Elle Macpherson because it provides recipes that can easily be made with products available in the UK market. But they are other really good book which explain the French slimness secrets, we like The French Don’t Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life, this book is designed to re-educate your food habits, and it also helps you to understand better how food impacts your body.

So for easy and healthy dinner we love How To Cook Yourself Healthy And Slim: Easy Recipes That Are Rich In Antioxidants And Low In Saturated Fat, it is very “cuisine nouvelle” so expect small portions, but we want to be slim so it is fine, plus it does include delicious desserts.

Now, one of our French favorite and well-known author of  The Montignac Diet, has also published the Montignac Recipes and Menus, is a must in most French kitchens.

Finally of course The Dukan Diet Life Plan: The Bestselling Dukan Weight-loss Programme Made Easy. It is a very famous diet, I am sure you have read about it, and many Chipies use it when we need to loose a few kilos. It works,  most of us use it as a kick start  diet as you loose weight quite quickly, but after a while you get bored of the recipes. So great to loose the few pounds or kilos , then time for a balance and enjoyable diet.

Find your best friend for a gourmet, happy and slim summer!

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